Conference Tickets

Conference Tickets are now sold out.

However, the day after the conference, The QE2 Story have arranged a special boat trip. Click here to find out more.  This is a separate booking from the conference.

Conference Ticket FAQs

When and how can I book tickets?
Tickets were on sale from January 2017 until May 2017 but are now sold out.

How much did the ticket cost?

Each ticket was £31.00 (includes a £1.00 booking fee).  This cost purely covers our expense of holding the event and we will not make a profit.

What is the payment method?
Payment was processed through Paypal.

What is included in the ticket price?

  • The QE2 Story’s 50th Anniversary Conference at the place of QE2’s birth.
  • An entertaining day with an excellent range of speakers.
  • A commemorative delegate pack with conference and other information.
  • Refreshments at registration, mid morning and afternoon.
  • A sandwich lunch with water, tea or coffee.

I am not booking tickets can I sponsor the event?
Please see our Sponsors page for more information.

Specifying dietary requirement?
There was an option on the booking website form to give information about your dietary requirement.  Your request will be noted on your ticket.

Does the venue have disability access?
We are informed that Clydebank Town Hall has ramped access and toilet facilities for people with a disability.  Please contact us if you have a specific access requirement and we will check with the venue.

Who do I contact if I encounter any problems with my booking ?
You can send an email to

What is the Refunds & Cancellations Policy?
The QE2 Story Events Committee regret refunds and cancellations are not possible. The Events Committee will be happy to change a name on a delegate’s ticket if requested. 

12 thoughts on “Conference Tickets

  1. Brian Whittingham says:

    I have a poetry book published by Luath Press titled BUNNETS N BOWLERS about my serving my time as a plater on the QE2 whilst I served my apprenticeship in Browns. I now lecture in further education and do talks on John Brown at the time of the building of the QE2. Might any of the organisers be interested in 1) the Book 2) accommodating talks/ workshops? If so, contact me at


  2. Dr Robert C McWilliam says:

    Although the third FAQ above states ” If you are not registered with Paypal you can still pay as a Guest using your Debit or Credit Card.”
    No alternative appears to using Paypal – have I missed something?


    • Rob Lightbody says:

      Hi Robert,

      If you watch for the option “Check out as a Guest” as you go through the payment process, this will let you put your payment through without using a Paypal account at all. I hope that helps. Let us know if you’re still having a problem.

      – Rob Lightbody.


  3. Albert Hinckley says:

    I would dearly love to attend the conference but, I have arranged for a knee replacement six weeks before and it is recommended I not make the trip from Virginia so soon. I, with my brother and sister-in-law, were on the maiden voyage to NY. We were just beginning the process of building a cruise ship at RDM and wanted to see what the latest was. We were totally blown away and I, as architect in charge of accommodation, recommended that we retain James Gardner and Jon Bannenberg which we did. The ship was purchased by Cunard and sailed as the Cunard Adventurer. (James, Jon and I were sacked.) Cunard by then was in a downward spiral and was bought by a City firm. The ship was slowly degraded from her magnificent original condition which process I witnessed in eight subsequent crossings and two cruises. Needless-to-say, I knew many of her original staff and the late Lord Mancroft and his wife were old family friends which rather added to the experience. I am an ocean liner buff and am well acquainted with the history and the ships. I crossed thirty-six times, fifteen on Cunard. Getting there (and home) was half the fun. Now, it’s close your eyes and think of England.


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