The QE2 Story 2017 Calendar

The QE2 Story has produced a fabulous 2017 Calendar that you can order online. There is a 25% discount on 13 and 14 December by adding discount code 8THDAY25 when you check out. You can find more information on the QE2 Story webpage.

Event Planning

The Conference Planning Committee met on Saturday to discuss a very full Agenda.  Tickets will be on sale from 14 January 2017, so keep watching this blog and the QE2 Story website for information.

We would love to hear from any potential sponsors who can contact us at to discuss options.

Conference Programme

Fabulous news that an outline of the conference programme will be released in December 2016.  Keep watching the event blog for more information!

The eagle eyed among you will have noticed an exciting change to the event speakers, with the addition of Professor David Humphreys speaking about QE2 and the Falklands conflict.