News coverage of QE2’s 50th Anniversary

QE2 proves that even after 50 years, she can still hit the headlines :-

BBC News Online

QE2: The 50-year journey of a British style icon

The Evening Times

Do you remember QE2’s Clyde launch? Celebrations 50 years on

The National

How Scotland’s skilled artists of the Clyde produced the world’s finest liner


QE2: Fifty years on from launch of one of the Clyde’s finest

Radio Clyde

50 years on from the launch of the Clyde’s most famous liner

The Clydebank Post

The QE2 at 50: Clydebank marks anniversary of proud launch of famous liner

The Sunday Post

Launched at Clydebank on this day 50 years ago, the magnificent QE2 ruled the waves

The Scotsman

Dubai yet to make good on promises for a queen now in exile


QE2 50th Anniversary Shopping

We have had our QE2 50th anniversary badge available to buy on this site for some time now, but we’ve now updated the page to include our special offers from Buckingham Covers, as well as the new 50th Anniversary books from Michael Gallagher and Chris Frame/Rachelle Cross.  Also featured, of course, are books by our conference speakers and chairmen – Stephen Payne, Bruce Peter and Ian Johnston.

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