Committee Meeting held today

Today saw the latest committee meeting being held at the Crowne Plaza in Glasgow.  Gavin, Lynda and John met to discuss progress with planning the conference.  The committee, who are all unpaid volunteers, have been hard at work behind the scenes for many months to ensure everything goes to plan on the day.  At the time of writing, there’s only 68 days left until the conference!

July Comittee Meeting

July Committee Meeting

QE2 troop carrier for the Falklands conflict May/June 1982


I know that many of you attending the QE2 50 year conference will be looking forward to hearing conference speaker, David Humphreys talk about his experience of sailing with QE2 as a member of the volunteer crew, to the Falklands conflict.

Here are some of the key dates:

  • 3 May 1982 Captain Hutcheson makes a formal announcement to passengers and crew that QE2 will be withdrawn from commercial service upon arrival in Southampton as the ship had been requisitioned by the government
  • 5 May 1982 work begins to convert QE2 into a troop carrier
  • 12 May 1982 QE2 sets sail for the Falkland Islands
  • 26 May 1982 QE2 arrives in the active war zone in the South Atlantic
  • 29 May 1982 Approximately 640 survivors of the lost HMS Ardent, HMS Coventry, and HMS Antelope join QE2
  • 11 June 1982 QE2 ended her longest non-stop voyage, having sailed for 6,976 miles from South Georgia

Planning for the QE2 50 Year Conference

The planning for the QE2 50 year conference has mainly been done by a committee of three people based in Scotland, who are QE2 enthusiasts.  Next week they will be visiting the Clydebank Town Hall for a site visit, to check out some of the finer details.

Only 15 tickets left for sale, so if you are planning to come along we would advise you to purchase ticket soon.

The Conference ticket page has all the details of how you can purchase ticket.

Tickets are still available for the Saturday boat trip down the River Clyde to Clydebank, with the option to visit the Titan Crane.

Sailing down the Clyde 23 September

It is a lovely sunny day in Scotland today and although we cannot guarantee the weather for the sail down the River Clyde to Clydebank on 23 September, we can guarantee that the committee have planned a fantastic event.  Tickets continue to sell well and we hope that you will join us on the day.  Have a look at the Saturday event page for more details and a link to book your tickets.