Conference Sponsors

We would like to extend a huge thank you to the sponsors who have come forward so far to support our event, which is very much appreciated. Some have provided support,  promoting the conference or providing services such as designing the conference logo.  Others have offered funds that are helping us provide an event that you will enjoy.  These contribute to the cost of the venue, catering, speaker accomodation and everything else that we need to pay to make the event come together. You can see our sponsors listed on our Sponsors page. Please click through to visit their websites to support them as well.

Scotland’s weather?

A member of the QE2 Story forum asked a question about Scotland’s weather. “What is the high, low and average temperature and weather conditions for September in Glasgow and Clydebank . It would help in packing the correct clothing and footwear for people coming from far afield.” Difficult to predict the weather, especially in Scotland, where we can have four seasons on the one day.  However, I have added a couple of links to websites with information on Scotland’s climate on the FAQ‘s page.

Don’t delay – book now!

What a fantastic response we have had to the sale of the tickets since booking opened on Saturday.  Go to the ticket page and purchase your ticket, to ensure you secure your place at this not to be missed conference, to celebrate QE2’s 50 years.